Different Ways to Style Your  Classic White T-Shirt

A classic white shirt is one of the few things that can be expected to be in everyone's closet.

You probably already have multiple of this classic piece, and it has never let you down. A white t-shirt can be worn in countless practical ways.

Is there anything more classic look than a white tee? EASY, SIMPLE, CLEAN. It goes everywhere and never looks overdone. It may be dressed up or down, worn alone or layered. Without a shadow of a doubt, it truly is the ideal wardrobe staple.

If you want to spice up this classic top, you may wear yours every day of the week with these fool-proof, go-to pairings in mind:

STYLE 1: Oversized White Tee + Baggy Jeans

Dress down and look cool in some loose jeans and a white t-shirt. This outfit is great for everyday wear, whether you tuck in the bottoms or let them hang loose. Put on a blazer or an oversized shirt with them, and you'll look great at any time of year.

Oversized White Tee + Baggy Jeans

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STYLE 2: Pair With A Suit

This is a combo you should have at least one occasion to wear in the future, and it is pretty acceptable for casual business settings. Seeing a lady in a business suit may seem like a throwback, but a stylish makeover may bring the appearance up to date.

Pair With A Suit

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STYLE 3: Step Up With A Knotted Tee

You can wear a knotted top or scarf with shorts, a skirt, or jeans to look relaxed and on-trend. A well-tied knot can save the day and give your oversized, too-long shirts some much-needed definition if you aren't into a boxy look.

Step Up With A Knotted Tee

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STYLE 4: A Hint Of Athleisure

You have probably heard this before, but athleisure is now considered the norm in the fashion world. You may wear this outfit to the gym, out with friends, or do errands around town and not feel out of place in both worlds.

A Hint Of Athleisure

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STYLE 5: Wear It Under A Jumpsuit

Do you have a gorgeous jumpsuit, but the neckline is too low? What about a slip dress you'd want to wear but feel is too revealing? You can quickly transform any sleeveless jumpsuit by layering it over a simple classic white t-shirt. The challenge is finding a form-fitting shirt to wear beneath a jumpsuit (or a dress) without adding bulk or bunching.

Wear It Under A Jumpsuit

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STYLE 6: Mix With Blazer + Jeans

You can never be caught in an "I have nothing to wear" situation when you have a basic white tee, your favorite pair of pieces of denim, and a jacket in your closet. The epitome of modern elegance, a clean slate!

Mix With Blazer + Jeans

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STYLE 7: The Best of Vest

Wear a white T-shirt under a vest and let your inner rockstar loose. These are a simple way to update an outfit without adding too much bulk, and they also go with dark, denim, or bright colors. If you want to look like a million bucks no matter where you go, choose a design that has buttons made of cashmere or wool.

The Best of Vest

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Style 8: Match With High Waist Trousers

Wearing a pair of high-waisted trousers will make your legs appear infinitely longer. With the extra room in the fly, you'll feel like the dapper person in the room and flaunt your long, lean posterior. A pair in a dark color, along with a white T-shirt and a jacket, is an appropriate business casual tops outfit.

Match With High Waist Trousers

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