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Embroidery at VS Tees

Custom embroidery is a method of adding designs and text to apparel or hats using specialized machines and threads. It's a popular option for businesses and organizations looking to create custom uniforms, workwear, and promotional products, as well as individuals looking to add a personal touch to their clothing and accessories.

Embroidery creates a professional and durable finish, as the design is stitched into the fabric using strong, colorfast threads. This means that the design will last wash after wash, and will maintain its shape and color over time.

One of the great things about custom embroidery is that it can be used to create a wide range of designs, from simple text and logos to complex graphics and images. It's also possible to use a variety of thread colors and types, allowing for greater creativity and flexibility in your design.

Custom embroidery is ideal for creating branded merchandise or gifts. Whether you're looking to promote your brand, or simply add a personal touch to your clothing, custom embroidery is a great option to consider. Our minimum to get started at VS Tees are 48 pieces of the same design! Fill out our free quote form to get started.

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