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Embroidery is one of the most popular ornamental decorations. With embroidery, you are going to discover your sense of taste and fashion, and you are going to look unique. It has been likened to painting with the needle.

Many people think that embroidery is a simple art, and one can do a DIY. Whereas this is possible, one cannot achieve optimal outcomes. Again, DIY can take a lot of time, time that you may not have. Rather than thinking about DIY, it is more prudent to think about seeking the services of a professional.

There are many embroidery companies available in the market. You need to identify a company which can offer you a high quality embroidery service. We introduce to you, our embroidery company, V.S. Tees, which offers high quality embroidery services in Los Angeles and its surrounding.

Embroidery Services: Los Angeles

Products and Services

We offer a plethora of embroidery products and services. These include and not limited to screen printing, direct to garment, live screen printing, and general embroidery. Our short embroidery goes a long way in helping you to position yourself in fashion when it comes to black apparel.

Competent Team of Professionals

Our members of staff are the backbone of our company. Our team of professionals has received the right training in embroidery. Moreover, they receive refresher courses in order to keep with the latest trends facing the industry.


We count on our experience in order to serve you in the best way possible. We have been in the industry for a decade, and the journey has been full of learning and positive experiences. We started with helping clients seek printing and black apparel. Since then, we have evolved and diversified to various products and services in the field of embroidery.

High Quality Materials and Equipment

We are very careful on the type of embroidery materials that we choose. The bottom-line is that we lay a strong focus on quality. In connection to this, we are very careful when making the choice of the fabric. Closely connected to this is to ensure that we use materials which are highly durable.

Color theme is at the center of embroidery, and we understand this as much. Popular theme colors include ombre effect, monotones, same color but different shades, and contrasting colors.

We are keen to explore embroidery techniques. These include embroidery stitches, motifs, thread embroidery, and free embroidery. It is advisable that the chosen pattern is strictly followed in order to come up with a perfect product.

We have invested in high quality embroidery equipment in order to process your orders conveniently and offer you an optimal experience. Our equipment is modern and computerized. With our office resources, we are able to do tasks such as fixing pixelated artwork.

Customization, Flexibility, and Delivery

We understand that different clients may have their unique needs and preferences. For instance, you may require that we come to where you are, perhaps to provide our services in your event. All you need to do is to contact us prior to the event, and we are going to do the embroidery right where your event is.

We lay a strong focus on customization. For instance, some clients may want their embroidery to reflect a certain culture or tradition. In such a case, we listen to what our client desires, and offer the same. With our company, you can have an artwork that is not common or not found with the others.

Our custom printing checks at every detail and follows your request. We have a wide variety of options in the use of paper. We are able to follow the right finishing in order to make the final product appealing.

For example, if you want a blank shirt embroidered for an event or any other purpose, we are going to utilize our design lab in order to offer you what you want. An embroidered shirt can serve different purposes, a marketing strategy for a business for instance. Shirts can be personalized with art, logos, names, and numbers.

We are flexible enough to accommodate your orders. We deal with either big or small projects. Whereas our main focus is shirt embroidery, we are going to accept different types of blank apparel including shirts, hoodies, joggers, and shorts.


We are very fair when calculating our prices, and we seek to offer value for the money. When you fill up the free quote form, we are going to look at your request, and calculate the pricing accordingly. We do not have hidden fees, and we do our best to stick to the original quote.

We are sure to offer you a timely service. If you feel that you want a fast service, faster than our normal timeframe of processing an order, you just need to contact us. We are going to put that into consideration and respond to you.


We ship the products to all physical addresses either in the US or outside the US. We have a comprehensive return policy should things go wrong. You can seek a return within 7 days.

Relationship With Customers

We seek to establish a lasting relationship with our customers. Our past interaction with clients shows a high level of trust and goes beyond a relationship based on selling. Even after seeking our services, you can still contact us should you need any advice including how to clean an embroidered shirt. For instance, an embroidered shirt should be washed turned inside out and cleaned in cold. It should be dried in low heat and you should avoid ironing the areas which are embroidered.

We are willing to give discounts and special offers to our loyal clients. We invite you to grow with our brand and benefit from our growth.


We are strategically located in Down Town Los Angeles thereby making it easy for you to find us. You just need to search embroidery near me and you are going to find us. We are open Monday to Friday, and on Saturday, we can see you by appointment. Contact us today, and we shall get back to you in the soonest time possible.

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