Why You Should Consider Direct to Garment Printing

Choosing the best method to make your clothing can be difficult. Whether you are an emerging fashion brand or an already established company looking to make merchandise, it is important to find the best way to make apparel that fits your needs and resources. Clothing production can get expensive with many costs and requirements. VS Tees is the best source for making your clothing visions come true.

The first thing you would have to consider is the price of making your shirts. Acquiring your blank t-shirts and adding your design to them can become quite costly if you do not pay attention to the costs.

The next factor you would have to consider would be the quality of your shirts. Indeed, some fabrics and printing methods would be much cheaper than others. However, the quality of your shirts would suffer because of it. Direct to Garment printing is a printing method provided by VS Tees that is perfect for making colorful and high-quality designs for not just shirts but for any blank apparel as well.

What is Direct to Garment Printing?

Direct to Garment printing (DTG printing) is a clothing printing method that applies ink directly to the clothes.

To describe it simply, imagine garment printers. You feed the paper into the dtg printer to begin the process. The paper then goes into the printer, where it places ink onto it with the instructions given. This method is pretty much just that, except the fabrics are the paper.

There are special printing machines where you feed blank apparel, and they come out with a complete design as instructed. The image or design of your choosing is directly printed onto the blank fabric, hence the name “direct to garment”. DTG printing is perfect and best used for designs with multiple and vibrant colors.

The feel of these printed t-shirts is quite unlike anything else. It is not like traditional printing, where you may still feel the design pasted on top of the custom t shirt. The designs and images just feel as if they are a part of the shirt.

Because of this, they are a favorite of many fashion brands and customers for their high-quality prints. VS Tees is the best source for DTG printing that caters to clothing store owners and bulk apparel buyers.

Direct to Garment Printing Costs

This method is certainly not the cheapest printing option but it is completely worth the cost and not as expensive as you may think. Albeit, it is a bit more expensive than screen printing is for clothing. The difference that DTG printing provides is a higher quality, easier, and faster shirt printing experience.

Purchasing a printing machine is expensive, especially if you are purchasing a new or industrial one. Unless you plan on printing thousands of shirts a year, it is not recommended to buy one for yourself.

Furthermore, the ink costs a hefty amount more than regular printing or screen printing ink. The ink is specially manufactured to be used in this printing method and has increased vibrancy and quality than other inks. Luckily, wholesalers allow you to purchase blank apparel for cheap and use their machines and ink to print on them for a fee. It is a much cheaper alternative as opposed to buying everything yourself, and it is best handled by these professionals.

Buying clothing in bulk and having VS Tees bulk dtg printing the design on for you can justify the cost of this digital printing method. Not only will VS Tees offer you the best quality results available on the market, but they will also offer you the fairest quotation. It is perfect for business owners or people just looking to make great shirts.

Direct to Garment Printing Quality

As previously mentioned, DTG printing is perhaps the best printing method in terms of sheer quality. It does not leave a film of water based inks on top that makes the shirt feel cheap or uncomfortable. The chances are that you own a shirt that was screen printed or heat printed. Even the best screen printing would leave a layer of ink on top that is undesirable on a high-quality shirt.

This layer of printed ink can peel off over time and get especially hot under the sun. The printed shirts’ designs and images feel as if it is a part of the shirt. You would instantly know the difference once you have experienced a professionally DTG printed shirt. This quality makes it the best option if you want to make a good impression with your customers or if you simply want a great shirt for your own use.

Environmentally Friendly

As if it could get any better, the DTG ink VS Tees uses is water-based and environmentally friendly. Unlike other inks used in printing, the ink can be made free from any harmful chemicals or substances. They are biodegradable and will not leave any unwanted footprints on this earth.

These inks are the perfect choice for a sustainable and eco-friendly business. Unfortunately, the big fashion brands contribute a hefty amount to pollution. This printing method uses environmentally friendly inks which helps alleviate this unwanted issue.

Furthermore, as they are not made of any chemicals, they are not harmful to your skin or harmful to breathe in. Other cheaply made shirts often use dangerous and highly chemical inks that can cause rashes and other long-term effects if breathed in for a long time. It is best to steer clear of these types of ink. VS Tees is the best option for eco-friendly and sustainable brands and people.

Bulk Direct to Garment Printing

This printing method can get quite costly if you are doing it on your own. Purchasing the dtg machines is just not practical unless you plan to use them constantly and regularly throughout your life. Regular printer ink is already expensive.

Just imagine how much more costly DTG ink is when purchased at a regular price. Overall, this printing method is just not practical if you are doing it on your own, unless you already have access to a printer and ink.

To alleviate this, VS Tees provide DTG printing services to interested customers. Whether you are a clothing store owner or just someone who wants to print shirts in bulk, VS Tees is the answer to your problems. You can simply purchase the style of blank apparel that you want.

You can choose from their various designs, fits, and styles of blank apparel. After that, you can even let them handle the printing process. With this, you would not need to spend exorbitant amounts of money purchasing DTG equipment and ink.

Furthermore, the service VS Tees provide is cheaper than buying them one-by-one or having them made. They love to offer discounts on bulk orders which is perfect for companies and brands.

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