It’s definitely a fun business when you are able to come up with and create fun and unique graphic designs for your dream clothing brand. After all, your designs will reflect your business’ creativity and imagination and can help your customers resonate with your ideas and greatly convince them to purchase your products.

However, the fashion industry itself is an incredibly competitive place to be in. With several fashion businesses out there trying to sell and make their product well-known to everyone in the fashion market, it will take more than just using all of your creative juices to help your business thrive. For instance, one of the factors that can make or break your fashion business is the overall quality of the clothes. The type of garment used and the print quality of the garment can greatly affect your business.

But with the help of VS Tees, you will get the quality service you’ll need to turn your custom designs into reality and help you get the success you need for your fashion business. If you have further questions about t-shirt screen printing and custom printing, then continue reading to learn more about screen printing techniques, how the process is done, and the advantages it also has to offer.

What is Screen Printing?

The well-known and most frequently used printing methods in the fashion world are Screen Printing and the Direct-To-Garment (DTG). Screen Printing is a traditional process of printing vibrant designs on clothes using a stencil and ink.

In screen printing, the design is created using a stencil (a silk screens usually secured with a wooden frame) and thick water based ink. First, a thin mesh screen will be stretched over the silkscreen, with a negative of your chosen design printed over the silkscreen. The design will then be transferred to a piece of clothing by rolling the ink over the stencil and onto the shirt. The shirt is then left to dry, where the design ends up as a thick, vibrant, and opaque image.

Screen printing has been a staple of the fashion industry for years. Try to look at some of your long sleeve t shirts and everyday shirts and their printed designs—you’ll see that most of the designs on your t-shirts were probably screen printed. The evolution of screen printing started way back in medieval times, and even until now, this traditional method is still utilized in the fashion world.

The ink that is used for screen printing methods is plastisol ink. It is a plastic-based ink containing PVC particles that are suspended in a liquid plasticizer. Additionally, the durability and flexibility of plastisol ink quickly make it a widely used ink for printing screen designs.

Advantages of Screen Printing

Screen printing is a popular and widely-used technique for several reasons. One of the benefits that screen printing can offer is its affordability. After all, Screen printing ink costs less than other types of ink used for t-shirt graphic designing. With this, your wallet won’t hurt even when huge amounts of this ink are used on your bulk orders.

Another perk that this method can offer is producing vibrant and bright graphic designs on a piece of garment. Since the thick and opaque designs remain atop the clothing, the designs created look bold and highly visible. So, you don’t have to worry when you’re mass printing your designs on a variety of different-colored shirts because screen printing methods make the graphic designs look great on any shirt color.

Using screen-printing techniques makes designs long-lasting and of high quality color print too, and barely needs any form of special care when maintaining these designs. Because of this, the plastisol ink used in t-shirt screen printing methods won’t easily chip. This is because the plastisol doesn’t soak through the clothing, making the designs dry and remain on the surface of the fabric. With this, your t-shirt design will likely retain its quality even when it’s used throughout the years.

The process for screen printing might be tedious, especially for complicated designs, but its complex process is precisely what makes this method produce professional-looking outputs. This makes screen printing a high-quality approach to use when getting professionally done custom prints.

Wrapping It Up

Designs made through screen printing techniques can handle heat and water without much of a problem. Additionally, the ink of the screen printing process also fuses over the fabric, making the design look more precise and sharper and great on any color of shirts. If you want printed t-shirt designs that are long-lasting, can be customized to your liking, and are of high quality while also being budget-friendly, then we recommend that you choose our screen printing services.

With our custom printing services, you can get a plethora of your designs made in bulk. Not to mention, screen-printed designs will likely not fall out of style. This is because screen-printed designs have been a staple in everyday life for thousands of years, and they will still be a staple in the future.

Why Choose VS Tees

Here at VS Tees, we ensure that our customers only get the best quality services from us. You can request custom printing. Give us the design, and we will work our magic in our design studio to have your beautiful designs printed on your shirts and more.

We have a team of professionals who utilize the best equipment to start printing and deliver only quality results. For instance, beautiful but complicated designs will be difficult to create. Here at VS Tees, our team of well-trained professionals will use different types of stencils and the right digital printing equipment in order to produce any type of design possible.

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