How to Choose The Right T-Shirt Size For Your Order

You've undoubtedly been immersed in diligent collaboration with your artists and designers over the past few months to craft the quintessential tee that resonates with your customers. Now that you're on the verge of placing your inaugural tee order with VS TEES, it's natural to have a few inquiries concerning sizing. Fortuitously, we are seasoned connoisseurs in this domain, eager to extend a helping hand. Peruse ahead for insights on selecting the ideal t-shirt size for your order.

Navigating Through T-Shirt Size Selection

Navigating Through T-Shirt Size Selection

When broaching the subject of men’s and women’s t-shirt sizes, there isn't a one-size-fits-all answer or formula. A common recommendation is to adhere to a 1-2 2-1 ratio, a prudent starting point if you're in unfamiliar territory. The rationale? A size up is often acceptable to customers, anticipating a minor shrinkage post-wash. Although trending toward the median is rational, it doesn’t always hit the mark.

The way forward? Acquaint yourself with your customer demographic! Understanding your clientele will significantly influence the accuracy of your tee order. As you unveil diverse lines over time, discernible patterns in size preferences will emerge.

Embarking on your maiden release? Heed the guidelines below to nail it right off the bat:

Align With Your Customer

Who embodies your customers, and what demographic sphere do they inhabit? Smaller sizes might be more appealing if your target is a cheerleading squad or a yoga studio. While pigeonholing isn’t usually advisable, judicious assumptions are pivotal in aligning with your customer’s expectations.

Know Your Tee Inside Out

Know Your Tee Inside Out

Procure a sample of the intended tee, scrutinize the product specifications, and engage with your customer service representative regarding the tee’s texture and fit. If women’s tees are on your agenda, bear in mind that different styles offer varied fits. VS TEES’ sleek-fit tees are crafted for a snug fit, while our relaxed fit assortment leans towards a more generous sizing. Ensure the fit you choose resonates with your customer’s desires.

In essence, honing in on your target demographic will satisfy your customers and be economical for you. While there isn’t a foolproof formula for size ordering, striving to view it through your customer’s lens will serve you well. If uncertainties linger, reverting to the aforementioned 1-2 2-1 ratio is a sensible fallback.

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