Top 5 Best Places to Sell Your Custom T-Shirts Online

Nowadays, selling products online is a surefire strategy to get some extra funds, whether you're just attempting to get rid of some old toys or beginning a custom T-shirt eCommerce business.

There are many places and sites in which you can sell your stuff. However, you do not need to check them all individually. We took care of things for you!

When it comes to online selling, the websites you choose must be reputable and friendly to buyers. Customers will always pick sites they are familiar with and enjoy if given the option. As a result, popularity is one of the most significant factors when determining the best place to sell online.


1. Shopify

When selling your custom T-shirt online, Shopify might be one of the best options out there. Shopify's built-in features make it easy to customize your website. Its plugin/application platform lets you download, install, and configure the site. It offers inventory management, accounting, business reporting, and sales and social media networking functions.

Shopify is flexible and user-friendly. Shopify stores can sell an unlimited number of products and have limitless storage and bandwidth. Plus, it also offers a Point of Sale (POS) system.

On the other hand, there might be some bumps on the road when using Shopify as an e-commerce platform:

Difficulty in customizing the theme

Shopify uses its own system for the template of the website's themes. As a business owner, to make most of Shopify's plugins that would smooth out your business flow on your website, you might need a professional developer that can understand the language system of Shopify.

No email hosting

Shopify lacks email hosting. You must use a third-party email hosting service if you wish to send email from a Shopify-managed domain.


Shopify includes many free tools, but a functioning website costs money. The $29 plan goes up to $299. It could rise if you add app subscriptions.

Merch By Amazon

2. Merch By Amazon

Merch by Amazon is a service that prints t-shirts on-demand. T-shirt designs can be created and listed free of charge by retailers. You don't have to pay anything up in advance; you only get compensated if someone buys your shirt. All you have to do is set the price and arrange the color scheme, then let Amazon take care of everything else.

To get started, fill out a simple form, and Amazon will ask for a few pieces of information from you. You will have to wait for the approval after. If you're interested, submit your application as soon as possible because it could take anything from three weeks to three months.

The most popular designs can be determined using Amazon's Best Seller Rank. It's okay to get ideas from these but never replicate them. If many postings use a similar design, you may want to use a different technique to minimize the competition.


3. Instagram

Being one of the most widely used social media platforms, Instagram has a high potential to expose your custom T-shirt business to a far larger audience with over a billion users globally.

Instagram's platform for selling is highly user-friendly. It allows creators to interact directly with their followers and establish a relationship. And starting your marketing campaign is as simple as uploading photos and videos to your social media accounts (literally!).

With Instagram, creators and business owners may reach a wider audience and attract new customers for their goods or services.

Shops on Instagram allow you to tell your brand's story and promote your products to the globe.

Moreover, your Instagram inventory can be linked to your existing e-commerce platforms if you're already selling online.

The following are other reasons why selling on Instagram is a smart move:

  • It allows you to show your products and services to the relevant individuals in your niche.
  • Users can buy through your website or the app's built-in checkout without leaving the app, making it more convenient.
  • Increases the visibility of your brand and the volume of traffic that comes to your page and website
  • Enables you to tell a story and create a personalized shopping experience based on your preferences
  • The feed, stories, and videos you post funnel people to your Instagram and might consider purchasing.

4. Etsy

Etsy is a place where people can buy and sell handcrafted products. If you're a custom shirt designer, you can create, print, and sell your shirts on Etsy.

One of the best things about Etsy is that it's one of the most cost-effective and time-saving ways to sell your handmade goods online. It's also less risky than building a website. But keeping a shop costs money. However, you have access to analytics and promotion tools and a vast daily audience that might be interested in your t-shirts.

Etsy Store Has Both Pros and Cons.


  • Etsy has built-in analytics that you can utilize.
  • Easy to set up and maintain


  • Etsy's listing and transaction Fees are a drawback.
  • There is a risk that the seller's market may be overcrowded.

5. TikTok

TikTok is an excellent place to advertise your custom t-shirt business because it has over 100 million active monthly users and an average daily view duration of 68 minutes in the United States.

As a social media platform, TikTok gives its users a dose of authenticity that is both refreshing and engaging to its users.

With the announcement that TikTok will work with Shopify to provide in-app shopping, selling on the platform became a whole lot easier. Discover how to market on TikTok by following these tips:

  • Download the appropriate software or app (Ex. Tiktok Shopify)
  • Create user-generated content to sell your products
  • Describe your business in your bio.
  • Make use of sponsor-branded hashtags.
  • Include a call to action in your videos
  • Collaborate with influencers.
  • Use hashtags and join Tiktok challenges.