How to make your cotton T-Shirts last forever

Have you ever been in the process of wondering how to wash cotton shirts, properly without losses? Will 100 cotton shrink? Have you ever taken your new VS Tees longsleeves, hoodies, or joggers out of the washing machine or dryer, and realized it became so small, that it could only fit your pet?

If you have been wondering how to wash cotton shirts without shrinking, you are not alone. Cotton is one of the most famous natural fibers, as it is easily spun and worn for a long time. There are over 300 different species of this undergrowth plant.

The largest production is in China (23%) and in the USA (20%). The delicate, strong fibers of the ramie plant, from the Far East, can be easily refined into a soft and delicate cotton fabric with a beautiful shine. Cotton is the most popular natural fiber, because of its excellent spinning properties, as well as its durability. Cotton items are very easy to dye and bleach and can undergo a large number of cycles in the washer and dryer.

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However, they are not elastic enough, crumble very quickly and have low heat resistance. Τherefore, the questions return: "how to wash unisex cotton shirts", will 100 cotton shrink", "how to wash cotton shirts without shrinking"? It's probably time to give clear answers so that you do not bother your mind anymore with situations for which there are already solutions!

Shrinkage: How to avoid or correct it?

How to wash cotton shirts?

Cotton shirts should be washed, dried, and ironed properly, in order to be kept in a good condition. If you have a favorite garment that you definitely wish to protect, then just do not wear it so often! Apart from exceptions, however, there are also rules for cotton clothes of everyday use, regularly washed. More precisely:

  • The fabric of cotton clothes is very durable, so you can wash them without fear in the washing machine, but pay attention to their temperature; avoid washing your clothes at very high temperatures. For best results, wash your cotton shirts in warm (not hot) water, in a regular wash cycle.
  • Do not overdo it with detergents, emollients, and bleaches.
  • If your cotton tees is white, a good choice for you would be to wash it with bleach in warm water.
  • Αn alternative to washing with water would be dry cleaning, always at moderate temperatures.
  • If you want to keep your cotton towels, bathrobes, and face towels fluffy, use half the amount of detergent and apply an extra rinse cycle (detergent residues can reduce softness).
  • You should always treat stains as soon as possible. Otherwise, the absorption of dirt will lead to a more difficult removal, even at high temperatures.
  • Another common mistake that should not be repeated is overloading the laundry because, in addition to not being washed properly, they are mixed so much that they wear out.

A useful tip for you!

Cotton shirts crumble easily, but can be ironed at the highest heat level!

Will 100 cotton shrink?

Fortunately, there is a simple answer: it has to do with the temperature and the stirring of your clothes. It is undeniable that high heat temperatures should be avoided, whether they involve a machine or hand washing in hot water, or even direct exposure to the sun, on a hot summer day; even bright sunlight could make cotton shrink.

Bella Canvas Cotton, linen, and alstyle clothes need to be pulled, stretched and tightened, as a prerequisite for their production. Washing and drying these fabrics loosens the fibers in order to reduce the shrinkage of the garment. However, wool and other animal fibers are actually hairs on tiny scales that trap each other when processed into fabric. Washing these fabrics too hard could cause the fibers to tighten, even more, it will start the shrinking process of the garment.

How to wash cotton shirts without shrinking?

Βelow you can find a list of simple instructions on how to wash cotton shirts without shrinking.

  • To begin with, you need to consult the instructions on the laundry care labels, to find out if your shirts are machine or hand-washable. Some clothes need to be washed by hand or given dry cleaning, just to protect them from shrinking.
  • If you wish to remove stains from your tri blend shirts by soaking them in water, make sure that they will not stay there for a long time.
  • Avoid washing your cotton shirts with hot water. Some fabrics, if washed in high temperatures, shrink due to the heat.
  • If you are not sure whether your shirts are in danger of getting washed or not, try spraying a little water on your cotton clothes before washing. If they shrink noticeably, you should choose the dry clean method, as they can probably not be washed with water.
  • Avoid drying in the dryer at high temperatures. As mentioned above, heat can cause any fabric to shrink. If you wish to avoid accidents the best solution is to stretch your clothes in the sun, but do not forget to check if they can withstand such exposure or not.

How to restore clothes that have been washed?

  • Put lukewarm water in a basin, and dissolve (in water) one tablespoon of baby shampoo per one liter of water. The baby shampoo will help cotton fibers to relax, as well as soften them, which means that you could restore them to their normal shape just by stretching them.
  • You could also stretch your cotton clothes while soaking them. However, this depends on what suits you.
  • Then, squeeze your clothes gently, without rinsing them with water. The fabric must be able to return to its original position by stretching.
  • Another alternative is to wrap the clothes in a towel and press them gently to absorb the water.
  • If your clothes are difficult to stretch, you could use steam from the steamer to soften the fabric.
  • Finally, spread out your clothes to dry them on a hanger, a choice that could easily deform them.

Remember that whenever you are not sure about how a garment should be cleaned, it is recommended to look at the labels inside and simply follow the instructions of the experts!